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Meeting Type: Special Meeting
Location: Quemado Campus, Superintendent's Office
Date: 10/29/2019 10:00:00 AM




 Independent School District # 2

P.O. Box 128

Quemado, New Mexico  87829

575-773-4700 (office)

575-773-4717 (Fax)



Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

10:00 A.M.

Quemado Superintendent’s Office




Call to Order  The meeting was called to order at:  10:23.


Members Present:

Michael Bugayong – Member

Eileen Dodds – Vice President-Via Phone

Jimbo Williams – President-Via Phone

Tim Hendricks – Member-Via Phone

Member Absent:

Carm Chavez – Secretary


Board Approval of Resolution Gabe from NextEra was at the meeting. Mr. Lackey addressed the board 

Regarding Borderland Wind and explained the proposals he emailed to the board members. This is a 

Farm Development resolution of support with agreements. He went over the different 

proposals. He talked about his visit with Gabe. The options are attached. Jimbo asked if we would be okay with cutting Reserve a check using the portion of $10,000. Mr. Lackey said he would double check with the lawyer but he felt it would be okay since this is our money. Gabe spoke up about this option and he said we would receive the funds and then break out to Reserve. It would need to be written into the resolution and lease agreement and the IRB ordinance. This would be in place by mid-December, they have to have a 45 day notice so it will miss Gabe’s deadline of Thanksgiving. The county needs to amend their resolutions if we pass our agreement today. Both options are 60/40 split. There was some discussion about the funds that would go to Reserve. Mr. Lackey asked if there was any concerns regarding the options, Eileen asked how they were supposed to vote on the options. Do they pick one and approve or approve both and send to the County Commissioner? Mr. Lackey called the Lawyer (Mr. Kennedy) to verify how the options should be voted on. He had some questions and relayed them to the board. The board would authorize the proposals and then Jimbo and Mr. Lackey would present them to the County and Jimbo would sign off on what the County approves. The County would have to add the portion that goes to Reserve into their resolution, we would not write it into ours. Gabe would prefer there was no wording about renegotiating after 5 years. His recommendation is that we do not offer the ability to renegotiate in the future, the lawyer agreed that it would simplify things. Jimbo recommended to move forward with option #1: a 60/40 split of $330,000 PILT with the county and Quemado giving $4,000 to Reserve/year. There is a payment schedule attached as well showing the front load amounts and payment schedule. Gabe asked that the school talk to the County about the payment schedule as soon as possible, Jimbo and Mr. Lackey agreed with that. The board thanked Gabe for attending the meeting. There was a motion by Eileen and seconded by Michael to approve Option #1. Motion carried 4-0.


Adjournment There was a motion by Tim and seconded by Michael to adjourn the 

meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:04.




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