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Meeting Type: Work Meeting
Location: Quemado Campus, Superintendent's Office
Date: 11/8/2019 9:00:00 AM



 Independent School District # 2

P.O. Box 128

Quemado, New Mexico  87829

575-773-4700 (office)

575-773-4717 (Fax)



November 8th, 2019

9:00 a.m.

Quemado Superintendent’s Office



Call to Order The meeting was started at 9:05


Members Present:

Eileen Dodds – Vice President

Michael Bugayong – Member

Lee Bond – Newly Elected late arrival

Members Absent:

Carm Chavez – Secretary

Jimbo Williams – President

Tim Hendricks - Member


Discussion Items:


Discussion on Board Policy Review


^G-2900 Anna talked about what she learned in a Worker’s Comp meeting last month. Mr. Lackey suggested asking the lawyer on the policy if he has encountered this with other districts, can we offer a similar benefit and how do we do this. Mr. Lackey will address the concern to Mr. Williams with NMSBA.


Mr. Lackey talked about Sandra’s question on alternative graduating reequirements. He explained what we have done in the past. Sandra wants to be sure we have something in the policy to cover this.


G-4600 – Professional Staff Schedules and Claendars – Take out the word “written” where permission needs to be given to bring children to work with staff members.


G-5050 – Remove the word “building” in front of athletic director.


^G-5361 – Remove the wording “(minimum of thirty{30} uninterrupted minutes)” . Question: on the board being over termination. The second to last bullet under Level I – change the wording from Board to Superintendent. Under the last bullet under Level II/III, change the wording to Superintendent and take out Local School Board. 


G-5800 – Take out the wording for Board to terminate or notify of termination and replace duties for Superintendent


^G-5900 – Replace the word Board with Superintendent


G-6100 – Request to replace all references to the Board and change to Superintendent. 


G-6131 – Shouldn’t a copy of the form be kept in the school?


G-6600 – Can we change the word “present” to “create” or “establish”


G-6800 – Remove the last sentence about the board determining salaries and benefits for support staff.


G-6850 – Add : under salary advancement , end of the first sentence add “unless an increase in salary for additional duties is warranted at the discretion of the superintendent”. There was some discussion on the wording for an employee to move up on the salary schedule they must work 1 day more than half a year.


G-6950 – There was some discussion on the topic of supplementary pay/overtime. Sandra’s comment is that time sheet employees/non-exempt and coaching could be an issue (Fair Labor Standards Act)


G-7300 – Change to “at least two weeks in advance” from 20 Days


^G-7650 – Do Bus aids have to have a pre-employment screening? Do they need to be on the random draw? Is this in law? We need clarification since we do not require this at this time.


G-8450 – Change wording to “at least one week in advance or as soon as practicle” In the last paragraph add (refer to G8461) after An employee may work overtime…


G-8467 – There was some discussion on Comp-Time and the need to put our comp-time approval form in the policy. We need to have the wording clear in the policy.


G-9150 – Same changes need to be made as for professional staff reduction in force.


G-9200 – There was a question as to where to reference back to for vacation payout. It currently states 

Cross ref-GDL and should be G3200 #8


G-9300 – Would it be possible to combine Professional Staff with Supportive Staff Discipline? There are very few differences and could be added together to save space.


G-9350 – Same question as above


Possible have Cindy be at the next work meeting, since the next section has to do with curriculum.

The above questions and word changes will be submitted to Mr. Williams with NMSBA, who is doing the changes in our policy, by Mr. Lackey.



Discussion on Borderland Windfarm  - There is no new information on the windfarm.


Adjourn The meeting ended at 9:49.




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